Track List:
1. Hallucination
2. Cosmic Rain
3. City Nights
4. Angel of Death
5. Win Or Lose
6. Elenin
7. Eagle Soars
8. Lunar Master





Originally self-released in 2012, Mothership and Ripple Music joined forces in 2013 to re-release this stunning debut record on CD (includes lyrics) and LP (packages to include an 11” x 17” poster and download cards)

Dallas dudes with cosmic minds and biker biceps, power trio Mothership open their masterful debut space-doomin’ across galaxies, but by “City Nights,” they’re back on earth, a travelin’ band doing one-night stands over AC/DC riffs. They kneel down in the mud, grease, blues and oysters, but soon they’re hitting cruise control in the fast lane. “Lunar Master” shifts from Motörhead chug to solo-stretched Southern boogie; “Eagle Soars” makes drums dance. And “the good book” of Revelations gets paged Trouble-style in both the NWOBHM-via-Metallica “Angel of Death” and apocalypse clodhopper “Elenin.” – Chuck Eddy (  

Track List:
1. Celestial Prophet
2. Priestess of the Moon
3. Shanghai Surprise
4. Holy Massacre
5. Centauromachy
6. Hot Smoke and Heavy Blues
7. Tamu Massif
8. Astromancer
9. Serpents Throne
10. Eye of Sphinx
11. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl